Scott Mills attempts to write a Christmas song with the help of some friends

4 Dec


Wise Buddah have recently been commissioned to create a one-off documentary following the creation of Scott Mills’ Christmas Song.

The 60-minute documentary will feature Scott himself gathering advice from successful professionals like Slade’s very own Noddy Holder and friend, comedian/composer Tim Minchin. He will then work with a team of experts to pull of a classic Christmas single.

The track will then receive its first airplay on Scott’s 1-4 Radio 1 show before being made available to download from the website.

Wise Buddah Head of Content, Simon Willis commented:

“This is a 21st century expression of how to make radio really work, it’s one idea that can be used in traditional daytime programming that enables a documentary and has a legacy across the festive period.”

On board are show friends Frisky and Mannish, producers Marc Vickers and Jem Godfrey from Wise Buddah Jingles and Music Imaging Department. The track will be recorded at Wise Buddah’s Studios.

Mills said:

“I think we have all surprised ourselves with the making of our Christmas single. It was loads of fun and I think it captures the spirit of Christmas. I hope the listeners enjoy it as much as we did.”

Listen to the documentary on Monday 17th December 2012 on BBC Radio 1 as part of Stories.


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