Neil Fox calls Nick Grimshaw a #totalnob

6 Nov


Magic Breakfast presenter, Neil Fox took to Twitter to vent his anger on a comment previously made by Nick Grimshaw saying that Robbie Williams is too old for the Radio 1 playlist which is aimed at 15-29 year olds.

Reports suggest that Robbie William’s No.1 single, Candy was left off the playlist as the station thought that the song would be too old for their demographic.

This was Neil Fox’s initial tweet:

Brainless @grimmers @R1Breakfast claims @robbiewilliams is too old & irrelevant for today’s teenagers! Some advice.. Stop being a total nob

Followed up by:

Scary how many people seem to agree with my thought re @grimmers being a #totalnob over his @robbiewilliams comments! It’s true thoughNeil-white-300x300

Neil Fox told

“I’m not the voice of youth but Radio 1 are crazy for saying they’re not playing his new song. He’ll still be popular when One Direction have split up.

He goes onto say:

I know Ben Cooper – he used to produce my Drive show on Capital – but he needs to work out if Radio 1 is a pop station or not.

This argument started after the station decided to exclude Robbie Williams’ new single from their playlist and after Radio 1’s new Breakfast presenter, Nick Grimshaw told 5 News:

“I don’t know if he’s now for a Radio 1 audience. I’ve never listened to a Robbie Williams song, but I really like him.

He continues:

To 13 and 14-year-olds, he’s not relevant. They’ve got One Direction. I liked Take That when I was little, but I’m not little anymore.”

A spokesperson for Radio 1 said:

“We don’t ban songs. We playlist songs that are relevant to our young audience.”

Radio Today went onto ask Neil Fox what he thought of Nick Grimshaw and he said:

“I don’t know Nick I’m sure he’s a nice guy but it will be interesting to see how long he lasts now his honeymoon period is over”.


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