The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw–live blog

24 Sep

Team Grimmy

Nick Grimshaw makes his debut on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show today, Monday 24th September 2012. Join me as I blog on the action as it actually happens.


06:25 – Morning! I’m up, tired but ready to go. I’ve got food and drink on standby.

06:26 – Whilst we waiting for the excitement to begin why not watch the new promo for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show

06:29 – We’re nearly there…

06:30 – Its happening very soon now, the news and the sport is on your radio right now with former The Chris Moyles Show sport reporter, Tina Daheley.

06:33 – Some dramatic tense music is happening right now. A massive orchestral jingle sound sounding the “Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw”.

06:35 – “So this is happening, it’s actually happening. Good morning Britain, I’m Nick Grimshaw.


“It’s time to follow in the footsteps of people I like, like Chris Moyles and Sara Cox. I’m nervous, happy and desperate to get on with it.

“It’s time to start the difficult job of talking between records.

“I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a little boy. Let’s do it!”

Nick’s opening speech there and then it’s straight into a record (Kanye and Jay Z, fact fans)! Crikey, he’s already played more songs than Chris Moyles in the last four years combined.

06:36 – The first song is Jay Z and Kayne West! Moyles would go mad.

06:39 – Another one!

06:41 – Nick shares his love for Otto Nose with that dramatic, tense jingle providing the background music.

06:42 – He now goes onto discuss the whole excitement over the first song to ever be played on the new Breakfast Show which he jokes you may need for a pub quiz.

06:44 – He goes onto suggest his outlook for the music to be played on the new Breakfast Show. He says that he will play pop music but good pop music on top of loads of other sorts of music. He said Moyles went for God is a DJ and Sara Cox chose Let Me Entertain You by Robbie but Nick wanted to choose a song that provided a message and which was also popular. Jay Z was his man!

06:46 – Nick takes the time to talk about his first link. Producer, Matt Fincham said to him your first link really matters as it is the one the press are going to magnify on. He thought about it for two weeks and practiced it last night. Now, one of Grimme’s friends with Rita Ora.  

06:48 – Some text messages.

06:50 – Grimme jokes about his bedtime routine last night and by leaving a pen next to him just in case a brainwave suddenly appears. Hmm.

06:53 – He mentions that we may have three guests, yes three throughout the morning all appearing on the webcam. Justin Bieber is the only confirmed so far, hopefully they will all be as big as that.

06:54 – Grimme now said that he was meant to play the first-ever new One Direction song however that is not happening as last week it leaked, great. Greg James got the exclusive instead. He does hint at it as his big thing though and speaking to one of the band members on the phone. Now, lets have a bit another song, Muse. Three in 26 minutes! Chris will be going mad. Ahhh.

How am I doing at this live-blogging? This is my second one!

07:00 – The news, sport and weather with Tina. I hope its more accurate that Dominic’s weather bulletins!

07:05 – Tina suggests that Grimme should not just have one alarm but three. Grimme now announces the first feature of the show, a little like Greg’s going home song this one is called the waking up song though. Here goes….its some real, hardcore hip-hop apparently. OK, hmmm. He’s now shouting out loads of people, wake up! I’m joining in.

07:08 – A jingle and a voice-over. Does anybody know who is doing the voiceover? Hmm. Anyway, another song this time from Coldplay. Moyles would be fuming with the amount of songs played well at least it is Coldplay, he likes them.

07:16 – Nick has a moan about bands and introductions. Doesn’t that sound familiar? He then goes onto mention his team, he jokes “I’m so self-obsessed”. In his team are Matt Fincham, Ian and Fiona. A little hello from them.

07:19 – Grimme jokes about his innuendo on Nick Bright’s 1Xtra’s show on Saturday, Scott Mills I hope you are reading! He then jokes about something magnificent, Duffy doing the robot. Random. He also hints at the wake-up call needing more work.

07:21 – Also, One Direction fans get by your radio at quarter to eight as Grimme will be calling one of them about their new single.

07:23 – Another song, this time from Taylor Swift.

07:27 – Some new social media is launched. Here are the pages:

07:30 – Just had a song from Skrillex and few more hundred Twitter followers, Grimme shares his thanks. Get your suggestions for the first tweet into 81199.

Has anybody else got rain? Its chucking it down here!

07:41 – I am still here! I’m not used to all this music in the morning.

07:43 – Grimme explains how he found out that he got offered his dream job. I am so jealous right now!

07:45 – A game now with some of the listeners. David Beckham even called him!

Which One Direction member is going to be on the phone?

07:54 – Celebrity guess-who over. Now,The Official UK Number 1 from The Script.

There have been rumours that Chris Moyles will ring-in? Do you think it will happen?

Grimmy has tweeted his first-ever tweet from BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Twitter Account:

First Tweet

08:05 – So, how did we guess? Its Harry Styles on the phone. He said previously:

“It probably sounds like I’m in protest, because the management demanded after 8am and I said it was 7.20am on nothing. They then said ‘Fine, they won’t do it then so we compromised on 7.45am. And now I’m late!”

Harry Styles makes out that he woke up at twenty-past six to listen to the new Radio 1 Breakfast Show – I don’t believe him.  Grimme also brings producer Matt Fincham in and his creepy texts to Harry. You can always rely on Matt for a laugh. Harry goes onto say:

“At the moment we’re shooting our video for our tour screen. It’s a three day shoot, but I can’t talk about it.

“It starts on February 22, we’re doing a month in the UK, a month in America and a month somewhere else.”

Grimme announces them as his first-ever big thing and also that everyday this week he will speak to another member on the band. Liam is next apparently. Harry’s struggling on remembering their names, hmm. Grimme offers Harry a job if the pop-career fails. Harry wants Matt’s job.

08:12 – Join in with poll for the new One Direction song. Harry introduces “this is our brand new single, “live while we young”. The first one wasn’t! Grimme’s finger slipped, first mistake of the day. We will forgive him won’t we?

This is a bit different to Grimme’s previous record of the weeks?!

08:15 – Fiona comes to the microphone and announces the poll results. Its all good!

08:16 – Another song this from David Guetta.

CS28561240September 12 2012 08:24 – 08:29 – The cameras are switched on. Nick Grimshaw and Justin Bieber are streaming. This interview is really interesting…apparently Justin likes to cook with One Direction. He also likes to sleep, hmm. Don’t we all? He apparently also had a ‘lads night’ with the band. Nick also invites Justin to a lads night with a few others. Justin also played Super Mario on the piano for us, how nice. Grimme talks about Justin getting a clip-on nose. This was pre-recorded and they’re saying the breakfast show is going well. How do they know that? Hmm. Justin talks about his time-keeping skills. Grimme then goes onto jokingly mention his thousands and thousands of fans, Justin gives him some advice and he is actually being serious I think. Grimme shows us his paparazzi face – funny. He also shares his love for face microphones. Now, hair talk. Justin accepts the compliments, his hairdresser is called Lady V. Teen Awards talk now. Nick asks Justin if he was to win an award not for music what would it be? He after thinking about it says “best lady’s man”..

Here’s Grimme’s paparazzi face:

Harry Styles

08:34 – News now.

08:37 – Playing now is Justin Bieber’s new song with Nicki Minaj – Beauty and A Beat. Make sure you don’t say beast, I nearly did. 

08:45 – Another new feature now featuring a quiz with Grimme and a caller.

08:46 – Matt tells Grimme to do the feature and stop talking about producers needing more gravitas. Fincham was getting a little irritated! He’s still going on about gravitas, funny. Nick does like winding him up! Now, Matt is the DJ and Nick is on the other side of the desk for this new new feature. Another mention of gravitas.

08:48 – Grimme admits to reading some of Fearne Cotton’s magazines. Its a quiz similar to Grimme’s Monday Night Pop Quiz with Matt binned.

08:50 – Vicky from the Monday night Pop Quiz is on the phone for Grimme’s new quiz call showquizness.

08:52 – The host is….wait for it….are you ready? A robot.

08:53 – The quiz is coming up, first though another record is on cue.

09:05 – Mixed opinions on the quiz anyway now guess what? Another record.

#TeamGrimmy is trending!

09:14 – Grimmy expresses his hatred for not being in charge. An off-air conversation is currently happening on-air, always interesting.

09:19 – Another phone caller. Its from a TV set and its only Doctor Who. Matt Smith is on the phone. Nick talk cameos and Doctor Who, Matt shares his love for having Grimmy on the show and his darlek is just breath-taking, haha.

09:22 – Spin the wheel with Matt Smith. Grimme compares to a request show without the request and without Jameela Jamil. Matt just agrees. Grimmy gives him the four choices.

09:25 – Watch Ian spin a banana on the website now. Another great feature, spin the banana.

09:29 – Clare from upstairs comes in and delivers Grimme a gift with a letter saying:

“Good luck with the new show, enjoy it. See you soon. Chris, former owner of the breakfast show”.

He also sends some cakes as well.

09:31 – Grimme comments on how weird it is not to hear Chris’ voice on air. He jokes that what if this was an actual joke and that he would come in and The Chris Moyles Show would all be here. That didn’t happen obviously.

Some Radio 1 DJs popping in after the news to cheer Grimmy on. Tina will be back at 10:30, 11:30 and 12:45 for the Newsbeat afternoon programme.

09:43 – Grimme jokes about his Radio 1 Breakfast Show ad. He wants Wiley on reception!

09:47 – Grimme teases Matt Fincham. Also, after a nudge from Fincham Grimme reveals that Louis Smith will also be their first live guest on tomorrow’s show. Get your questions in. He’s been on with Moyles so what will he make of the new Radio 1 Breakfast Show host? Find out tomorrow!

Fearne Cotton is up next.

09:55 – Grimme explains how nice it is to stand up and present. Scott Mills is in, Fearne Cotton, Dev, Zane Lowe and finally Huw Stephens. A right, little gathering. Time for a mini-review!

09:58 – Another finger slipping replay. Huw liked showquizness.

09:59 – Dev wants the Wake Up Call to be more epic. Scott comments on how long the quiz went on for (I agree). Zane shares Matt Smith’s love for Nero not. Fearne Cotton makes a comment on Grimme’s quiff, she thinks its gradually got lower and lower as he’s gone on. He wants to get rid of it.

10:00 – Zane compliments Grimme, he laughs and jokes about management.

10:01- Grimme says his goodbye – no handover. Maybe we will get one tomorrow.

Right, show finished. I hope you enjoyed the live blog. I’m now off for some food.


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