Ask Aled

17 Sep

Aled answers 42 of your questions!


This evening day-producer of The Chris Moyles Show and presenter of The Surgery, Aled Haydn Jones has given his followers on Twitter an exclusive chance to ask him another set of questions. See the 42 questions and answers below.

  1. RT @Phi1evans: @ahj Can I blag an invite to Chris’ 25th birthday celebration next year? #AskAled No 🙂
  2. RT @simonp820: @ahj Have you pre-ordered your iPhone5 Aled?! #AskAled Yes
  3. RT @tessragusa: @ahj #AskAled what are your plans next? – Taking rest of year off producing, but still Presenting Surgery & at Teen Awards
  4. RT @GbArmy: @ahj are u gonna miss the breakfast show #askaled – very very much
  5. RT @justaswifty: @ahj #AskAled Who would have been your dream guest on the show? X – that we didn’t get? @LadyGaga
  6. RT @_siMan__: How are you? #AskAled – a little sad, but very excited about the next few months
  7. RT @Craiguf: @ahj are you going to be giving away jingles or anything from the show? #askaled – Love to but don’t know how to do it fairly
  8. RT @Jacz2202: @ahj #askaled will you be at Chris Moyles live events? – Yes
  9. RT @OfficialJayLees: @ahj any ideas of who you are going to produce next? #AledForExec #AskAled #TeamMoyles – I hope it’ll be Chris 
  10. RT @benpunter: Hi @ahj #AskAled What was your most least Fav feature of the Chris Moyles Show? – lol it took me a while to like GoldenHour
  11. RT @gilera_chic: @ahj did you wake up at silly o’clock this morning? #AskAled – 7am when Emile got up!
  12. RT @ajords1: @ahj are you looking to focus more on TV stuff now? #AskAled – I’ll be talking to people but 3 months is quite limited
  13. RT @Martin_Walker: @ahj Do u expect Chris to be back on national radio in this country in next 6 months? #askaled – I honestly don’t know
  14. RT @hazwilliams1: @ahj what do/will u miss most about the Chris moyles show? #askaled – the listeners. No other show will have the passion!
  15. RT @Boyzoneminx: @ahj aled are you going to see chris at Jesus Christ? #askaled – yes this Sat I think
  16. RT @Nibsy_A: @ahj#askAled Aled how can i get hold of Chris Moyles Radio 1 DJ card – stay tuned – I might let you know during the week
  17. RT @matthewjmarsden: @ahj in your goodbye song it says u might be back. Will u be back on in the mornins #askaled #teamchrismoyles – No
  18. RT @FreyaLast: @ahj what is your favourite biscuit? #AskAled – Anything Freya Last buys me
  19. RT @_TravisBickle: @ahj Do you have a favourite era/year of TCMS? #AskAled – The first Rallyoke for Comic Relief or Portugal-it was all new
  20. RT @Stewpot: @ahj #AskAled What effect has Twitter had on ur life both professionally and personally?-love it-never spoken to so many people
  21. RT @AlexLuckins: @ahj #AskAled You coming back to aber union to DJ this year? – If I’m asked – yes!
  22. RT @davieboy95: #AskAled when did u find out that the team were being replaced – the day before the announcement
  23. RT @garrypontin: @ahj are te team still all in contact #AskAled – not yet but we will be
  24. RT @ArticulatePanda: @ahj who was your LEAST favourite guest? #AskAled – Kanye West
  25. RT @Ravenatic: @ahj #askaled do you need a new presenter / assisting producer? 😛 – I need a show first!
  26. RT @milefromhome: @ahj do u run the @tcms2r1 that chris subscribed to a while back ? #askaled – it was an account used for private TwitCast
  27. RT @johnnyseifert: @ahj #askaled will u come to DJ at Birmingham/Birmingham City university please!!! – Sure – invite me
  28. RT @chippylisa: @ahj #askaled is trending x – Love it
  29. RT @FootballMad_x: @ahj #AskAled Would you like a Chris Moyles Show Reunion in the future? – absolutely!
  30. RT @_bitemehobbit: @ahj will you ever DJ Sonewhere under eighteen? #AskAled x – Done a few. Love them no alcohol, more dancing
  31. RT @JonathonMarx: @ahj How can I go about booking you for Freshers? #AskAled – lol, Contact @hyper_agency
  32. RT @Clare_McFly: @ahj will star boy be released on itunes? #askaled – I wish it would
  33. RT @LaurenDean90: @ahj do you think you’ll work on any other prime time shows for radio one? #AskAled – If I’m asked in the future, yes
  34. RT @aubre_y: Hi @ahj #AskAled what is your best memory from the Chris moyles show? :)- SO SO many. The Goodbye Show was v special!
  35. RT @C_Kay: @ahj do u, like me, think the show ended a year or so too early? #AskAled – I’d have loved more, but understand why now was right
  36. RT @alanharrop: @ahj aled will chris and the team fill in for ferne when having the baby #askaled – No, @SarajCox will be
  37. RT @_Hassyy: @ahj what is it like hosting the surgery? #askaled – honestly a dream job
  38. RT @Issy_Sarah: @ahj Are u & Mollie from the saturdays still friends? #askaled 🙂 – yes
  39. RT @Dadyougeek: @ahj How much production audio did you download to keep as memory of the show etc??? /? #AskAled – All of it 🙂
  40. RT @reecehockley: @ahj #AskAled You probably got this allot .. But r u going produce another show on the station soon? – No pan R1 projects
  41. RT @peteroebuck: @ahj #AskAled Hi Aled aswell as yourself r any other members of the team joining live shows w chris – @DomisaTwit will be
  42. RT @seansines: @ahj has Matt Fincham been unbearable since taking over your job? 😉 #AskAled – yes, but still love him really! 🙂 

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