Chris Moyles to host a Radio 1 late-night show next year

15 Sep

According to another source, Chris Moyles has been confirmed for a new late-night show on Radio 1.


A website has claimed that Chris Moyles will go ahead and present a late-night  show next year alongside sidekick, Comedy Dave. Chris presented his final breakfast show yesterday.

The site goes onto write that Chris is expected to take a break from radio and focus on King Herod and his upcoming UK live  tour, Chris Moyles Live and return to Radio 1 in January.

The new show according to this website will air weeknights ten o’clock to midnight, I’m presuming still only four nights a week though although this site doesn’t state that. It goes onto say that the new show will  generally be a talk show combining listener participation and various guests. It will be a show not focused on the music even though some will be played. This new show if it is to go ahead will likely be the total opposite of the current ten o’clock to midnight (Mon-Thur) slot.

The article finishes by saying Radio 1 bosses have given Chris a one year contract for the new radio show.

What are your thoughts on this? Do believe this to be true or is just another rumour?


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