Ask Aled

15 Sep

Aled answers 17 of your questions.



This morning day-producer of The Chris Moyles Show and presenter of The Surgery, Aled Haydn Jones gave his followers on Twitter 20 minutes to exclusively ask him anything about The Chris Moyles Show and the future. Some of the questions asked and answered were who’s presenting the news on the new Radio 1 Breakfast Show? Will the current listening figures ever be topped? Will the team ever work together again? And, are Tina and Dave a couple or not? All of these questions and many more are answered below in #AskAled.

  1. @sammilove78: @ahj Are you still going to be doing The Surgery? X” yes still doing The Surgery from this Sunday onwards. No change there
  2. @madlou71: @ahj #AskAled how much did you cry after?!” Very weirdly none of us did. It felt like a celebration. May hit us today or Mon tho
  3. @tom_cooksley: @ahj #AskAled when is the Chris moyles show returning” the team won’t be. I’m waiting to find out from Chris if he will.
  4. @BarryLowes: @ahj #AskAled have all the team got other things to go to other than chris” we’ve focused on the last few shows now we decide .
  5. @Samu3lBH: @ahj #AskAled what are you doing now the chris moyles show has ended?” I’m taking the rest of the year off producing to chill
  6. @AJE2003: @ahj #AskAled Was the Chris Moyles Show a spring board to where you want to go/achieve?” No with the show I achieved it
  7. @neilh1983: @ahj do you think you will all work together again? #askaled” I hope so, one day.
  8. @Mosschops76: @ahj will you all be on the tour with Chris????” I hope to be making an appearance to say hi yes
  9. @lolu23: @ahj #AskAled what happens to dave Dom n Tina have they been made redundant ?” Dom has left Radio 1. Tina will be on with Grimmy
  10. @JOELIZTOY: @ahj #AskAled will u produce another show on R1” I need to come off shows for a while. I’m going to work on pan R1 projects
  11. @markandrew18: @ahj do you think the beeb has done the right thing? #askaled” they had to to fit the brief by the BBC Trust
  12. @doyboy81: @ahj realistically, do you think grimmy will get as many listeners?” It’s not about number now, it’s about losing the older ones
  13. @annmills1: @ahj #askaAled Will any of you be writing a ‘warts and all’ book about your 8 years together? x” yes 🙂
  14. @stephenmehigan: @ahj #AskAled ate dave and Tina a couple???” No. #random
  15. @seanbennett_: @ahj #AskAled Do you think the radio 1 breakfast show will ever see listening figures that big again?” No
  16. @ChrisMoy1989: @ahj do you think the show has been shown enough respect by bbc considering its’ success?” Yes had a 2 month goodbye. Huge
  17. @michaeldavies26: @ahj would you change anything if you could have your time on the @chrismoylesshow again? #AskAled” absolutely not 🙂

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