The Final Chris Moyles Show – live blog

14 Sep



Morning, unfortunately we are experiencing a few technical difficulties. Therefore, to keep up-to-date with my instant updates just refresh this page. We are a little behind on the updates due to this hitch but are catching up, stay with us!

06:30 – The Final ever 6:30am news bulletin with Dominic and Tina.

06:50 – A special message from Jamie Oliver  for Chris and the team plus a cooked breakfast coming their way.

07:01 – Dave expresses his love for the final ever 6:55 song from Chase and Status. Chris asks did you put your favourite list in?

07:02 – Aled claims that their lists weren’t actually submitted but Chloe who created the playlist for the final show did try and choose the song with the team in mind.

07:03 – Chris gets his Now CDs out. Disc 1 or Disc 2? What track? He says that he will play the beginning of the song after the news. Now, the the news with Dom and Tina.

07:07 – Jingle. Now, its time for Tina’s randomly chosen song.

07:08 – Chris fascinates his audience and explains how the CD player works. The team enjoy some old school music.

07:09 – Tina sings – ouch.

07:10 – The emotional bit is over, Chris comments on Tina’s singing.

07:11 – Jingle. Watch online, on your mobile and of course listen on the radio and get instant updates from me right here.

07:12 – Chris explains to the listeners how Aled moonwalked yesterday. He then goes into a  conversation with Aled for what jingle and music to play next.

07:13 – Jingle and the day of the week from Holly then we’re off with Katy Perry – Firework.

07:20 – Chris reads out a few text messages.

07:21 – Aled says a hello to somebody.

07:22 – Aled then explains that we are now going to speak to somebody who has been with the team since the show started but have never actually had him on air before. Aled says he is on button three to Chris. Dave takes a guess. Paul, the voiceover man on The Chris Moyles Show is on the phone!

07:24 – He’s on Skype to Chris’ amazement and now on the big screen!

07:25 – Chris explains how he met Paul.

07:27 – Some memories of Chris and Paul.

07:29 – Chris notices Paul’s biceps – they have an odd show off! Paul goes onto wish the team success in the future.

07:30 – Chris makes  the joke of asking for job out in America with Paul. We then get treated to a live voiceover on the air. Amazing!

07:31 – The team comment on his guns and teeth. Chris then turns the microphone off for two seconds for a private word to the team about Paul.

07:32 – Chris recalls some more memories of Paul and him.

07:33 – Aled says ‘”get ready to cry next”. Then, we’re into the news.

07:37 – Chris shares his love for The Chris Moyles Show jingles and reads out a few text messages.

07:39 – Chris explains that Scott’s on all next week before Nick Grimshaw takes over.

07:40 – Breakfast arrives from a live, actual chef and waiter. Bacon and sausage – yes please! Matthew, Max and Bex are their names. Freya says Jamie is also willing to offer the team a Masterclass as well, Chris goes onto share a joke about knifes.


07:41 – Chris shows the cameras his breakfast. Aled explains a video montage is next. Its basically highlights of the marathon show.

07:42 – Highlights of The Longest Radio 1 Show Ever with Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave.

07:46 – A song from Rihanna. Movement in the studio. I always think this is the best bit!

07:50 – Another Chris Moyles Show retro advert, this one is a Blow Me Fan. Hmm.

07:54  – Guest Richard Curtis and Kevin from Comic Relief arrive to congratulate Chris on the million of pounds he has raised over the year from Kilimanjaro to The Longest Radio 1 Show ever.


07:56 – Aled also recalls some charitable events.

07:58 – Richard announces that over the years Chris and the team have raised £10.4 million all together.

07:59 – More compliments from Richard Curtis. He also delivers Chris a picture card from all of the people at Comic Relief. This I feel is getting a little emotional.

08:00 – Richard again thanks Chris and team for an amazing 8 years of broadcasting.

08:02 – Chris explains his love for Comic Relief. Dave compliments the British public which Chris funnily makes a job of.

08:03 – Chris goes on to jokingly share his love for acting.

08:04 – Another Chris Moyles Show advert whilst a few hugs and goodbyes take place in the studio. News in next, I suppose.

08:05 – Chris ponders on the amount the team have raised over the years and thanks us.

08:06 – The wrong button which Chris jokes is Nick Grimshaw’s new introduction to the news. The jingle that once started The Chris Moyles Show back in the day will play next.

08:07 – Chris says “we’re running a bit late”, Dave goes onto say “but sounding great.” Love that! On that note, I might go and get a drink as I’m getting a little thirsty.

08:12 – That old jingle is on and its playing now!!

08:14 – Its still playing, the team laugh.

08:15 – More hellos from the team. Now, Tina says it “McFly Day!”

08:16 – McFly  are on the big screen…in bed. Oh. Then, straight into a very special music video of Star Girl recorded especially for The Chris Moyles Show and renamed as Star Boy. Are they allowed to wear Beats headphones on the BBC? Just saying. Hmm.

08:19 – Lots of topless McFly members and advertising going on at the moment.

08:20 – Aled says that did one of Radio 1’s writers write that song?

08:21 – Now a bit of Taylor Swift, its 8:21!

08:28 – Chris admits he ate his breakfast too quick and Dave says he might just have indigestion. Chris then points his iPhone to camera to prove that they’re tending on Twitter.

08:29 – Chris jokes about commercial radio stations. The last time ever – the beeps and the news on time. Chris jokes that its a little gift for Ben Cooper and the bosses at Radio 1.

08:30 – Chris encourages listeners to send in as many texts as you can. Then, news.

08:31 – Chris casually dances with Freya during the news – hmm.

08:34 – Chris shares memories of yesterday’s Goodbye show. Now, the team try again to hear Terry Wogan’s goodbye message. Second try and its not working. Lets try again for a third time.

08:36 – Terry remembers Chris’ campaign and jokingly congratulates on him bringing him the best publicity he could have.

08:37 – Chris for his amusement plays Terry’s recorded clip “Hodiho” in synchronization with the recorded clip.

08:38 – Song.

Nick Grimshaw has just tweeted:

Grimme Tweet

Here’s that McFly special video:


08:45 – Chris explains he was having a photo with the Chefs. Aled also announces that don’t forget to download all the podcasts – this show will go up soon (the whole show)!

08:46 – The team are being naughty – Aled’s showing off his photos, Dave is writing down his Twitter username and Dom also gets worried about future jobs his username being @domisawit.  Chris also jokes about changing his Twitter username if he can.

08:48 – More text messages.

08:50 – The team are getting up to mischief.

Download all the podcasts here.

08:51 – The Official Chart Number 1 from Ne-Yo.

08:56 – Chris reads out some more text messages.

08:57 – Tina also says hello to Michael Vaughn who is also watching on The Red Button. The Strictly Come Dancing theme tune.

08:58 – Tina also says Tom Daley says hello, Chris mimes diving movements.

08:59 – Chris explains a conversation via Twitter he had with Tom.

09:00 – A recorded message from Tom Daley. Dave comments on his massive trampoline. They also congratulate him on his A-levels, his body and so on.

09:01 – Dom requests that Flapjack is put on the screen.

09:02 – The last hour begins with LMFAO.

Studio v1

Visit The Chris Moyles Show pages

09:05 – Another Chris Moyles Show advert. Aled also points a parcel to the camera, hmmm. What could it be?

09:09 – Chris mentions Olly Murs. Aled delivers Chris a present. The sad music is switched on. Its all getting a little emotional in the studio.

09:10 – He also thanks fellow Radio 1 DJs Scott Mills and Huw Stephens for the flowers and cards. 

09:11 – Chris Moyles thanks everybody at Chris Moyles

09:12 – Aled delievers a gift to Chris from all the members at Chris Moyles on how The Chris Moyles Show affected them.

09:14 – Its all getting a bit emotional.

09:15 – The crying has begun. Aled confirms he is still doing The Surgery, Tina also confirms her place.

09:16 – Its getting very tearful, James Blunt isn’t helping!

09:17 – Chris again thanks Chris Moyles users.

09:18 – He goes onto say that they are now going to play a well-loved favourite of Chris’ from the live lounge for The Chris Moyles Show Times Like These from Dave Growl recorded in April 2009.

09:21 – Chris talks further about Dave Growl.

09:26 – More messages.

09:27 – Chris tells us about the popcorn maker under his desk. Vernon Kay wants it! Comedy Dave asks to say a corporate message that he will come in and clean his desk next week. Dom admits that he hasn’t cleared his out for ages.

09:28 – More desk talk.

09:29 – Aled announces another video message which must be played now. This is their final video message and its from  only, Chris Martin wishing all him all the best. Chris says we are definitely going to play some Coldplay after the news.

09:30 – Dom also admits that this will be the last time he will ever read the news out on the radio. Big moment!

09:31 – Chris announces we have reached 90,000 text messages.

09:32 – Dom’s final ever news bulletin on the radio. Tina has the sport.

09:37 – The team share a few emotional last words.

09:42 – Chris hints at moving to America.

A news report just in confirms that Chris Moyles will move to an evening slot on Nick Grimshaw’s arrival. More on this soon.

09:47 – Everybody is getting a bit sad.

09:48 – Chris jokes at managing Nick Grimshaw and Greg.

09:49 – Song to take the energy up.

The final ten minutes.

09:53 – Chris thanks Chris Martin again. He holds up a message saying “Thank You” to the camera. He also says that they have a had a message from the people who control the Radio 1 text messages and basically said you have taken down the system.

09:54 – Comedy Dave says doesn’t this affect other station? The team laugh.

09:55 – More thanks from Chris. He goes onto say goodbye. “Goodbye and thank you”.


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