The Final Chris Moyles Show and a live blog

13 Sep


We’re sadly very near the end of the breakfast show that has been the people’s favourite for eight years. Its had its ups and downs, Chris has had his moans and groans however it has survived with Chris himself becoming the longest-serving Radio 1 Breakfast Show host ever. The show says its final goodbye from 6:30am tomorrow morning where I will be up bright and early with a mug of coffee beside me providing live, instant updates throughout the show. Making sure you don’t miss any of the action or even providing some comical commentary baring in mind I have never done a live blog before.

So make sure you’re there  tomorrow morning hopefully without any technical hiccups for a live blog of The Final Chris Moyles Show ever on BBC Radio 1 and on here, BBC Radio 1’s News Post. Spread the word please!!

Hopefully if we’re not all tired I will see you then.

Technical Difficulty: Unfortunately, we are experiencing a few technical difficulties. Therefore, another post will be put up for the live blog. To keep up-to-date with my instant updates just refresh the page.


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