Nick Grimshaw will increase the song content for Radio 1

6 Sep

Nick Grimshaw will double the amount of music played on breakfast.


Chris Moyles leaves the Radio 1 Breakfast Show next week with a live show from the BBC Radio Theatre in front of  audience of 100 lucky people next Thursday 13th September. Nick Grimshaw will takeover later this month.

A source has furthermore confirmed that the all new breakfast show will double the amount of songs played from four to five an hour to eight to ten an hour.

Nick friends with the likes of Lilly Allen, Alexa Chung and Harry Styles was a surprise choice. Many were expecting new drivetime DJ, Greg James to replace Chris Moyles.

In addition, another change for the new breakfast show will be the vanishing of the zoo format meaning all it will be is Nick, a microphone and hopefully seven to eight million listeners. Let’s hope he sounds good in the mornings!

It is still currently unclear of whether Chris Moyles will continue to be part of the station or not. He is due to take a break from radio whilst touring as King Herod in Andrew Lloyd’s Webber’s musical, Jesus Christ Superstar this month.

Nick Grimshaw is scheduled to start the breakfast show on Monday 24th September 2012 at 06:30am on BBC Radio 1.


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