No more sung jingles for the all new Radio 1 Breakfast Show

14 Aug

Hello BBC Radio 1 addicts! Here’s your next dose of news.

Nick Grimshaw is set to take over the Radio 1 Breakfast Show from veteran DJ Chris Moyles next month and with that will come no more sung jingles.

This was discovered in a leaked document which stated that the station was looking for a new sound to its new breakfast show including new style of themes and jingles.

The radio station aim to work with music companies to create a sound that represents a “slickly produced and original” show which features “live instrumentation and an identifying motif”.  The use of live instrumentation doesn’t sound very fresh though, The Chris Moyles Show jingles are made on just this.

The document goes on to say that “it needs to stand out and not sound like any previous BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Shows.” They go on to mention that could music companies “please steer clear of sung jingles and variants of Breakfast themes and identities past and present.”

Chris Moyles was criticised in 2006 as he was receiving royalties for the music produced by him and company, Music4. Radio 1’s leaked document says that the new theme will be bought by the station on an “all right basis” meaning the station will have  the jingle “in perpetuity and exclusively” with the creator of the jingles holding the composer rights.

Music companies have until tomorrow to submit their proposed audio for the new Radio 1 Breakfast Show including a main theme, a remix and a suggested voiceover.

We also expect the new show to be called Radio 1’s Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. Matt Fincham is additionally expected to produce it.

What are your views on this? Let us know by leaving a free comment below.


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