Chris Moyles joins the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar!

16 May

Hello BBC Radio 1 addicts! Here’s your next dose of news.

Tim Minchin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Melanie C and Chris Moyles

The famous ‘saviour of Radio 1’, Chris Moyles has  just landed his first ever Theatre role, yes that’s correct! Andrew Lloyd Webber allegedly rung him up and asked the DJ if he would like to play King Herod in his new musical, Jesus Christ Superstar which he of course said yes to. See he how copes with it later this year.

Anyway, here’s what Chris said when he was told the news:

“To receive a phonecall from Andrew is very cool but then when he asks you to be in his musical that’s pretty amazing. There is only one thing to respond with … and that is yes. Absolutely. My mum’s gonna be well excited.”

Even though we know Chris is famous for creating his parodies and his participation in ITV’s X Factor: Battle Of The Stars he has never taken part in a musical before. This will be a first! He joins Spice Girl, Mel C and actor, singer Tim Michin.

Here’s Mel C’s response to having Radio 1 DJ Christopher Moyles on board:

I saw Chris last week and have known him for a couple of years. It’s the first time he’s ever done anything like this and I know he’s quite nervous. Andrew would only cast someone he thinks is perfect for the role so King Herod is completely within his capabilities. I’ll be there to hold his hand and make sure he does the job.

We don’t have any scenes we share but we are on the road together and that’s enough. It’s going to be good fun but something Chris will need to learn is the discipline of being on the road. There is a time and place for fun but you need to be disciplined because there are a lot of vocals to do.”

He’s expected to still continue presenting The Chris Moyles Show however depending on where he is the night before he may miss the odd one. If he does though, let me drop in an opinion. I think it would be a perfect chance to see how the new face of Radio 1 (Greg James) handles the pressure of the breakfast show.

Tickets are priced at £45 – £65 and go on sale this Friday from plus a reissued album is on its way to you on July 16th.

The tour kicks off at London’s O2 Arena on September 21st

Who will be going then?

This post has been sourced from and The Press Association.


One Response to “Chris Moyles joins the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar!”

  1. Charlie July 8, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    I think its a shame that all you have to do to have a chance of being accepted by mel c is to sing in a really squeaky and irritating voice, or claim your a fan of the spice girls. I think that this is a bit unfair on people who can sing and are not a fan of the spice girls.

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